Central California is filled with once in a lifetime sights, beauty, wildlife and awe. We provide our clients with exclusive tours on our beautiful 38ft Fountain Center Console, designed by Fountain Boats. I named her after my beautiful, southern wife, ErinAnne (Yes, you guessed it, she can be feisty, but she is a peach- I'm talking about the boat of course). We started Out To Sea as a nod to the old school maritime fever of Monterey, adding the new school touch of Triple Mercury 350's. ErinAnne can go further than most commercial boats in Central California, quickly reaching destinations that are so remote that few get the chance to see. 

We strive to provide our clients with a multitude of life changing experiences.  We charter the ErinAnne by the hour for up to six guests and customize each outing according to our clients’ wishes. Our Dive & Fishing center, Out To Sea, is a one-stop shop for everything you need on the Central California coast, offering unique fishing supplies and diving rentals. We fill scuba tanks and deliver them to you in the Breakwater Marina or San Carlos Beach. We also are a NAUI Dream Destination offering dive classes and dive tours of all types custom to our clients. Out To Sea is located right next to the Breakwater boat launch ramp in beautiful Monterey, CA.


Erin & Chris

This is the ErinAnne II, our 2018 38CC Fountain.

This is the ErinAnne II, our 2018 38CC Fountain.