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Out to Sea is a NAUI Dream Destination providing diving programs, tours and charters led by Taylor, who comes to us from the rugged northern California coast. Taylor brings to us experience diving from Trinidad, CA to Santa Catalina Island with a multitude of diverse diving experiences and skill sets ranging from instruction in professional development to underwater ecology to small group instruction for youth divers. Taylor learned to dive at a young age, and that early experience inspired her to learn about all facets of the underwater world. She is thrilled to share this passion with anyone from beginner level to highly experienced divers in a small group or one on one course, whether it be at San Carlos Beach to Jade Cove or to the reaches of the ErinAnne.

Our dive program follows the vision of Out to Sea in that everyone’s experience should be safe, informative, enjoyable and life changing…we’ll get you squared away! Fundamental, core diving skills are taught and reinforced according to individual needs determined upon your custom consultation, along with supplemental, enriching techniques that will ensure your competency and confidence as a diver.

With a broad experience base and a passion for the endless adventures to be had both above and below the water, Taylor shares each instructional opportunity as a life-long learning experience with you, the client.

As each diver is different, so is each course, to be determined after your primary consultation with Taylor. The courses offered below are customizable to each diver’s needs and expectations. No matter your diving goals, we are confident that Taylor and Out to Sea can customize a course to meet them.

*Please note although all courses have predetermined length and curriculum they will be customized according to individuals‘ needs; prices are determined after consultation. Please Call 831-901-3768 or Email taylor.outtoseamonterey@gmail.com . Listed below are the NAUI courses we currently offer:


Refresher Scuba

Scuba Diver

Advanced Scuba Diver

Rescue Diver

Master Diver

Dive Master

Specialties: Night Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Ecologist, Scuba Video, Nitrox

CPR and First Aid: Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid Instructor, CPR Health Care Provider with First Aid, First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries, Neurological Assessment, Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries, Diving Emergency Management Provider, Diving First Aid for Professional Divers.


Dive Tours

Out to Sea offers private, guided, underwater tours of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Come experience awe inspiring kelp forests, colorful rockfish, lingcod and cabezon, ornate rocky reefs, diving birds hunting underwater, and of course the curious sea lions and otters we have in Monterey. Guided shore tours are a great option if you’re new to diving in the Monterey area or would enjoy more information about the wildlife you’ll see underwater.

We currently offer customizable tours at a variety of sites accessible from San Carlos Beach right next to our shop at the Breakwater. Guided tours are by appointment only; your guide will discuss dive site options, expected site conditions, and your dive experience to create a personalized tour. Our tours include a guide, one tank and we ferry your gear to the dive site to ensure your comfort. We offer day and night time tours and full gear rentals – We will make your dive life changing!

You must be scuba certified and have been diving within the last two years.

We offer refresher courses for those who haven’t been diving recently or if you’ve never been diving before but would like to try it, consider a Trydive course to get an idea of what we do!

Winter brings some of our best diving conditions of the year with amazing visibility, so don’t let the chilly weather keep you out of the water!

To schedule a tour please call 831-901-3768 or email taylor.outtoseamonterey@gmail.com

Dive Charters

Out to Sea can charter your dive dream with the ErinAnne, and our dive expeditions can be customized around your favorite passion, ranging from free diving to spear fishing to scuba diving. We can also do a combination of activities; no request is too big or too small for us - Out to Sea believes in making life changing experiences. Dive charters fall under our Eco-Tour pricing please visit our tour page for more information.