1/20/19 Sea Update

Ted here for Out To Sea,

Conditions this weekend have been quite variable to say the least. Saturday was a beautiful day on the bay with lots of people in and on the water. Today the clouds rolled in, but the wind and surge has not showed up yet as this new front comes through. Water temp has been sitting around 57-59, making for relatively comfortable dive conditions. Visibility has been holding steading at around 10-15ft on the breakwater, with better conditions being found deep and away from the crowds. Surge has been low to moderate even with the approaching front this week. I will have a solid update on diving conditions to start the week tomorrow morning.

Fishing has been slow to moderate, with a lot of smaller fish being caught along the breakwater. Surf perch are still the hot ticket along the local beaches with fish up to 2lbs still being caught on a pretty regular basis. Fish seem to be concentrating in certain areas along the beach so don’t be afraid to do a little bit of walking to really find that honey hole.

For all of us suffering through this fishing off season, heading inland and fishing your local pond or lake is a good hold over. As spring approaches, the largemouth bass are going to start eating really good as they prep for their spawning season. This bite can be some of the best bites of the year so get ready.

Till next time, tight lines and stay safe!

Ted Reimer