1/23/19 Sea Update

Ted here for Out to Sea,

Get in the water this week!! Weather is looking solid through the weekend with a high pressure system sitting on top of us. Visibility has opened up to about 20-25ft along the inside of the bay. Swell has diminished substantially after this last front. These conditions are forecasted to hold through the weekend so get out there!

Fishing is still focused along the local beaches, but with this calmer weather the shore fishing can open up a bit. Big Sur is always a good option for finding that trophy lingcod from shore, along with a good shot at a few solid rockfish to top off a days’ trip down there. Always be caution of MPA’s down there, and be sure to check out the Fish Legal app that you can download on your phone to make sure you are staying out of these protected areas. Also, be mindful that a lot of these spots are out of cell signal range and do involve a pretty good hike or physical activity to get there. Shoes with good grip are also key, and always, always, ALWAYS, keep your head on a swivel down there; even if it is the best conditions possible, there is always the possibility for large sneaker waves down in that area. 5-7” swimbaits on 1-1.5oz jig heads work best for a wide variety of target species. Stop by the shop and load up on some of our $5.99 Banned in Bulgaria combos before heading down, and don’t be dishearten by no fish days and lost jigs. When you land that 30”+ gator from shore it makes it all worth it.

Till next time, stay safe and tight lines!

Ted Reimer