2/3/2019 Sea Update

Ted here for Out to Sea,

This weekend was a wet and soggy one for sure. The hardiest of divers were out early on Saturday and reporting good visibility, at depth, of about 20-25ft. The top part of the water column is quite polluted right now because of the runoff so please be aware of that. The seas are looking to turn pretty nasty for the first part of this week, and don’t look like they are going to calm until around Wednesday/Thursday.

Fishing has been slow with this low front, but some smaller rockfish/perch are still getting caught off the breakwater and commercial pier. I would advise staying off the local rocky outcrops until this front finally moves out and the rocks get a chance to dry. Big swell and slippery rocks are a good way to end up on the receiving end of a Coast Guard call.

This week we did just get in our ChaseBait order and oh my…their 7” and 4” super squid are some of the nicest artificial baits on the market. Integrated squid scent, glow colors, and the most life like appearance around makes these lethal baits from the shore, and come open season there are going to be some solid fish caught on these. Come on by the shop and check out our selection!

Till next time, stay safe and tight lines out there!

Ted Reimer